Safety Knee Pads, Digging & Planting Gloves and Potting Floor Pads Gardening Tools

Garden Hand Tool Set 

At a point in your life, you might think that you need a garden. It might include the vegetables for your daily needs or flowers to beautify your home. Maintaining the garden will require picking best garden tool set so as to acquire appealing results.

Our company supports use of garden hand tool set like a shovel; it greatly assists in growing seedlings and subtle plants. It is also more suitable when you need to uproot irritating weeds; thus saving time with the well-organized work.

We advise using garden tool kits like gumboots, dig gloves, and knee padding to prevent your feet from being pricked by thorns as well as cracking due to exposure to dirt and mud. An overall is another vital garment in your gardening tools set because it prevents your clothes from getting tough stains; and from being ripped or torn.

Hand gloves for planting prevent your hands from getting injured, blisters or dirty as you work on your garden. When working on thorny plants like the rose flower, use of garden gloves protect you from being pricked and/or scraped on your hands and wrists. We also insist on using safety knee pad to curb swelling on the knees after kneeling when tending to your garden plants.

This set is a combination of Safety Knee Pads, Digging & Planting Gloves and Potting Floor Pad as Gardening Tools.


  • 1 Pair Garden Safety Knee Pads
  • Material: Memory foam and high-quality fabric.
  • Color: As the Picture
  • High Quality: Professional sports grade neoprene material means there is no uncomfortable material that won't bite into your legs as you kneel. The material is strong, stretchy and will last you for years.
  • Comfortable Pads: Memory foam provides the softest and thickest support for your knees while still being contoured to your knees
  • Special Design: reinforced double stitching. Super strong quality seams that protect against tears and disassembles.
  • Dual Slip Resistant Straps: Straps are above and below the knee to help keep your pads in place. Extra-long widths accommodate most knee sizes.
  • Ideal Choice: Perfect for your garden and cleaning soil, perfect for protecting your knees from damage


  • 1 Pair Garden Digging and Planting Gloves
  • Main Material: Latex, Rubber, Polyester, ABS Plastic
  • Size: 24 x 12cm / 9.44x4.72in
  • Color: As the Picture
  • Waterproof, puncture resistant and easy to clean, protects your hands from cuts and broken nails.
  • Easy solution for digging, planting, and raking without hand tools. just need two hands to solve your garden problem at only one step.
  • Ideal for keeping up with your garden work. Garden Gloves make gardening fun and easy.


  • Foldable Waterproof Gardening Potting Floor Pad
  • Material: Eco-friendly PE material, and corrosion resistant.
  • Size: approximately 68x68cm / 26.77x26.77in
  • Color: As the Picture
  • The color and appearance are beautiful, non-toxic and tasteless, and it does not fade.
  • Easy to clean (with water), foldable, small storage volume, easy to carry and store.
  • It can be waterproof and moisture-proof, which is very suitable for home use. It adopts PE waterproof cloth, which is durable and practical.
  • This unique product keeps soil, fertilizer and water stable. It helps to place the tool where it is easy to get and easy to carry. It can make the gardeners say goodbye to the dustpan and the broom.
  • Suitable for nursery, potting, watering and transplanting in living room, balcony, grassland, etc.