Hanging Swing Chair Hammock Garden Swing Set Kids and Adults Indoor Outdoor

Garden Swing Chair

For activities such as relaxing, napping, as well as entertainment; we advise our clients on choosing the best hammock chair swing. Select the one which is made of strong and long-lasting steel or wood, alongside a comfortable fabric. These chairs can be used indoors or outside at the lawn or backyard.

One major advantage of the hanging swing chair is that it eases neck and back pains. Sitting in Indoor Hanging Chair can lessen the stress on your backbone and joints, thus reducing swelling and discomfort. Another advantage of hammock chair swing is that it occupies minimal space can be easily moved from one place to another. If you hang it from a stand, you can move it around the house as you wish.

The garden swing chair is perfect for meditation and outdoor relaxation by providing the coziness and simplicity essential to becoming a meditation pro.

    • Material: Cotton / nylon rope
    • Color: White
    • Size:9 ft x 3.3 ft x 4.4 ft
    • Product Weight:25 lbs. / 2.38 lbs.
    • Load Capacity: 135kg / 300 lbs.
    • Applicable Age: Adult, Children
    • Features: no burrs, super load-bearing, durable and safe
    • Note: Only includes hanging chair, no other accessories


    • Hammock Chair Swing Relaxing and Comfortable, 2 sturdy rings attached on the corner of chair back can be hung over the crossbar, making it possible to provide better support to the upper part. In this way, the hammock chair with adjustable back offers optimum upright-seating and reclining comfort.
    • The 3.3ft/1m wooden crossbar holds the chair more open for ease of entry and exit. And the chair stretches over 4.4ft/1.35m, enabling you to comfortably sit in with legs crossed, lounge back, or curl up and still maintain head support. It even has a 15x9in/40x22cm pocket on the inside store your cell phone, book or water bottle in.
    • Hammock Chair Comes with 2 cushions in the seat, our hammock chair perfectly molds around your natural bodyline and support you fully, cradling you in a luxurious comfort while avoiding those uncomfortable pressure points.
    • The hammock chair is made of a unique blend of cotton/polyester that combines the gentle feel of the cotton and the flexibility and durability of the polyester. The multitude of suspension cords ensure optimal weight distribution and years of enjoyment. Reinforced edges make the material extremely tear-resistant.
    • The hammock chair can be hung into the ceiling, patio beam, pergola or tree branches and works great on most hammock chair stands.