Camping Hammock Strap Set Suspension System with Storage Bag

  • STRONG AND SAFE: The hanging straps are made from high-density nylon that is strong enough to support up to 599.7 lbs with ease. The D-rings and carabiners are made of galvanized steel, ensuring robustness and stability.
  • Easy Installation: Simply wrap the straps around a strong tree branch, insert the D-ring through the other, pull the straps, and attach the carabiner to the D-ring. You can also attach it around the limb of the tree a couple of times until it is the length you want.
  • Weather and Tree Resistant: No drilling or screwing required, so our hammock tree straps won't damage trees. Designed for long-term use, our weather-resistant tree swing strap can withstand extreme heat and cold without damaging its integrity.
  • WIDE USE: The hanging strap kit is versatile and can be adapted to any swing such as porch hanging seats, tire swings, bucket swings, etc. Swing straps can also be used as hammock straps.
  • Easy to carry: It comes with a backpack, you can take it with you to multiple places such as camping, garden, playground, etc.